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Reverse Pickup Table Lamp

Silver A’ Design Award Winner for Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category in 2017-2018.

The design was inspired from the concept of transmission of sound as the vinyl rotates on the all time classic Pickup

The vinyl was replaced by the translucent marble discus which was placed standing,thus producing a reverse pickup table lamp.

The concept becomes complete with the bronze arcs which in combination with the discus’s final position depict the archetype of the Pickup needle placed upon a vinyl.

The uniqueness lies into the featuring of an elegant discus consisting of translucent marble. As the discus rotates along the base it gradually lights up.

The form of the two bronze arcs emanates from the desire to enclose the discus and accentuate the notion of movement and the play between light and shadow.

Three different discuses,each made from a different colored marble were chosen to match the users’ aesthetics and mood.As the mood changes,all you need to do is “play” your favorite discus.

The further the discus rotates by the user from the starting point,the more it gets illuminated. The discus can be detached and replaced with another colored discus simply by pulling it off the guide.

The necessary dimmer and adapter are placed on the wire,allowing a slim base. A movement sensor placed on the guide provides the dimmer with a wire signal,resulting in the dimming process.

The package includes all three discus colors.Each discus can be de-assembled for the LED tape to be changed.

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