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Praxitelous apartment

Location: Athens, Greece

Project Duration: Sept. 2018 - Oct. 2018

Concept: Renovation, Private Residence

This project is about the transformation of an office space to a belvedere loft-apartment for a couple.

The proposal uses light and furniture design to create a sense of linearity and minimalism.

The apartment is located in the heart of Athens, on the upper floor of a “polykatoikia” building in Praxitelous street providing astonishing views to the Acropolis.

The existing structural imprint along with the desire to preserve unobstructed views to the Acropolis greatly shaped the formation of the new interior.

The main space of the loft is characterized by a cross-sectional transparency due to the presence of window glazing on both elongated sides, each charged with a different role-effect.


An existing free standing column situated between the two “glass walls” almost naturally separates the apartment into two strips.

On the first, the kitchen and dining room face towards Praxitelous street while the use of kitchen equipment serves as a privacy filter against outside gazing.


The kitchen is separated from the second strip, the living-room, with a three-dimensional trick being born through the coming together of structure and design: the load bearing columns are connected through a steel “beam” serving the role of an oblong shelf structure, emphasizing the linearity of the space and the division between uses.


At the same time, this very separation of spaces is reflected upon the loft’s floor: a steel slice following the shelf’s vertical projection separates the flooring between the kitchen’s industrial concrete and the wood of the living room.

On the second strip, the living-room opens up directly to the Acropolis.


The existing window seal is transformed to a custom wooden piece of furniture combining seating with storage space.


The furniture’s curved edge creates a flowing continuity and unity between the living room and the dining space. The main couch hovers gently above the ground maintaining a sense of lightness and non-gravity as it’s made of thin steel sheet.


Thus, the main loft’s space materiality diversifies according to the existing views: urban and semi-translucent atmosphere towards the city versus warm colors and clear glazing towards the Acropolis.

The private spaces of the apartment are enclosed in an accentuated volume comprised of polycarbonate panels.


The panels are filled with ambient light thus serving as a surreal illuminous filter between public and private spaces.


As the day goes by and the Athenian dusk sun starts to fill the loft with soft shadows, the panels gradually reveal their role as a massive ambient light.


The game of light, shadow, perspective and acute angles give birth to an atmospheric and original interior in the heart of Athens.

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