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Paloma Mykonos

Location: Mykonos Island, Greece

Project Duration: Oct. 2020 - Jan. 2021

Concept: Bar

paloma web-2.jpg

Paloma bar is an architectural attempt for a spatial hybrid.


It is located in the Mykonian alleys, yet it draws its inspiration by exotic scenery found in beaches of the Pacific Ocean.


The bar is part of the ground floor of a typical Mykonian island house and its interior is characterized by organic cave-like curvatures.


The existing walls consist of unique spolia from various past time periods as well as plain mortar which follows the geometry of the bearing rock walls hidden underneath.

paloma web-50-paloma neon.jpg

The existing walls were divided into two parts. The lowest part was chosen to be coated with rough stucco, in order to capture the shadows generated form the hidden lighting positioned along the perimeter walls and on the floor.


Various existing cavities –telltale signage of the age of the space- which can be found in the upper part of the walls were filled with interior plants. A similar decision was taken concerning the pre-existing rocky structure which was found in the entrance of the space. This was transformed into two flower pots for taller plants, which incorporate hidden lighting.


The dominant element of the design is obviously the bar station which consists of a surface that spans across both subspaces of the interior and it acquires a dual role. In the first space, it functions as a worktop for the barmen, while in the second –more private space- it works as a serving bench for the clients.

The façade of the bar station was conceived as multi-layered light apparatus, bearing the neon signed name of the bar “Paloma”. Led light hidden inside the multiple layers of glass and polycarbonate creates an interesting and surreal effect of light and shadow, emphasizing the brand name of the bar while at the same time offering a “below water feeling” to the visitors, through the blueness coming through artificial light. 

paloma web-39.jpg

The “traditional” roof of the space, which is supported by wooden beams was re-conceived as a unifying element between the two sub-spaces and also as an indirect light apparatus. Bamboo canes were positioned vertically across the intervals between the supporting beams, offering the perspectival illusion of a larger space through their repetition. 

paloma web-49.jpg
paloma web-12.jpg

The main circulation axis of the visitors became for us a triggering point in order to design a custom made steel object spanning the whole roof along the two sub-spaces. Essentially, this object serves as a pendant light apparatus, which generates all possible RGB combinations, thus changing and enhancing the mood of the visitors according to the occasion.


It is a work of art, born through two basic geometric shapes, the triangle and the circle connected by a crooked line.

Paloma is eventually a mood setter bar, or even an art bar, a playful bar where someone may enjoy his drink while surrounded by colorful neon signs and an ocean like vibe.

The neon sign “sex and art are the same thing” positioned over the privé lounge is an homage to Paloma, the daughter of Picasso after whom this bar was named.

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