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Mykonian Studios

Location: Mykonos, Aegean sea, Greece

Project Duration: Sept. 2016

Concept: Apartment studios



This project had to deal with the renovation of four studio apartments in the island of Mykonos, in the county of Ano Mera.

The desire of the client was that each apartment had to convey its own unique atmosphere but at the same time it should operate as an independent housing unit, not just a bedroom space.

Thus, our design focused on re-creating open plan spaces, without partition walls, so as to achieve a feeling of openness

On the other hand we placed each function using the minimum space necessary for it to operate properly, while being a fully integrated part in the design of each studio

Small partition walls (0.90m height) were used to enclose and divide each function where necessary yet allowing the eye to fully wander, perceive and realize throughout the entire apartment. 

Minimal shelves, like simple straight lines drawn on walls, and storage closets were also concrete cast in situ and painted white


 Each studio had to be equipped with a small kitchen space, a double-size bed and a small living room that could also serve as a small one-size bed for kids.The base structure of all furniture was chosen to be concrete cast and then painted with white plaster so as to refer to the traditional outdoor cycladic sitting spaces

The coloring of the rooms comes from the antithesis of the plaster white and the brown of wood wherever it was chosen to be placed. 

Led tape as well as fluorescent lamps accentuate the simple, orthogonal geometry of the space and while lighting it discreetly.  

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