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Lousso M&W

Location: Arachova, Voiotia, Greece

Project Duration: Sept. 2016 - Nov.2016

Concept: Boutique, Showroom

The desire of the client reflected an ambition to convert a neutral clothing boutique into a space that has its own recognizable identity. Thus, in order for a dominant concept to emerge, all clothing items were re-positioned so as to cover the perimeter walls.

The customers walk through this kind of “passarella”, entering and exiting it, through the “new arrival” hanging clothes’ intervals.

The main interval, opposite the boutique’s entrance, frames the existing masonry wall, facilitating the customers’ move towards the far end of the boutique. This wall, as well as all the rest of the perimeter walls, bear newly placed steel selves, enhancing a sense of continuity and enclosure.

The latter is accentuated by the shape of the roof structure: an arc emitting diffused light which unconsciously guides the costumers’ footsteps as they stroll around the virtual geometry generated by the hangers’ positioning.

The center of the space was conceived as a catwalk generated through the use of a central hanging structure from which the hangers are suspended.

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