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Residence in Ekali

"Meuble à habiter"

Location: Ekali, Athens, Greece

Project Duration: Nov. 2014 - Feb 2015

Concept: Private Residence

Awards: 9th Biennale of Greek Young Architects


At an inclined plot of 3.5m height difference, the design of a residence with enlarged living room, three bedrooms, one master bedroom, auxiliary spaces, a small parking space and a swimming pool was requested.

The plot, of rectangular geometry, with its greater dimension oriented to the North – South axis, is characterized by the presence of two existent borders that ensure the privacy of the house and shape the design process.

On the east side, the existing neighboring building, with the absence of large openings and the dense planting of its fence, suggested the creation of a hard limit through the linear positioning of the residence’s auxiliary spaces. 

The latter are enclosed in a low-height wooden volume that glides below the hanging prism that defines the main living area beneath it and contains the private spaces of the house. It is a “living furniture” -meuble à habiter-, which acts complementary to the overall life of the residence.

On the West side, a natural pine forest that protects the house from outside gazes, led to the synthetic option of a glass prism for the living room and dining room which extends the interior space to the outside. The glass prism is expressed at the ground as a floating plate which highlights the plot’s existing slope. In front of the living room an elongated swimming pool is placed, protected by a low shear wall that redefines the boundaries of the plot.

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